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tax return tax refund working from home

How to boost your tax refund when you work from home

More Aussies than ever have been working from home because of coronavirus lockdowns, so what does this mean at tax time? And how can you score a bigger tax refund? If you work from home, you can claim a tax deduction for the work-related proportions ... More
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money myths that are holding you back

The damaging money myths that are holding you back

I have two teenage sons, both of whom have their driver's licence and new jobs, which are launching them into a new phase of independence and curiosity about the world. It is an exciting time. As part of this transition, they are learning what it ... More
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how to improve home loan serviceability

Five ways to increase your borrowing power for a home

With property prices soaring, knowing how to improve your home loan serviceability can be the difference between getting the keys or being shown the door. What is home loan serviceability? Lenders essentially make a business investment every time they ... More
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