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This week Money asks Centuria where to invest and their pick is the Centuria Implemented Portfolios Dynamic Asset Allocation Investment Fund

The Fund seeks to produce income along with an exposure to property and shares which are intended to provide additional income and medium term capital appreciation.

At the heart of the Implemented Portfolios investment philosophy is the conviction that being active with the asset allocation in a fund is far more important than active in security selection or stock picking. In its experience the allocation to the major asset classes is the main driver of portfolio returns.


The Asset Allocation & Investment Committee members are a team of experienced and highly credentialed senior industry experts including Jon Reilly, Tim Farrelly, Jonathan Pain and Paul Dortkamp.

The Centuria Implemented Portfolios DAA Fund can invest in the following assets:

Asset allocation allowable range Cash: 3-100% Income Securities: 0-97% High Yield Income Securities: 0-60% Listed Property: 0-60% Australian Equities: 0-60% International Equities: 0-60%

Centuria Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund


Geoff Fagan
September 3, 2015 4.27pm

What is the expected return on a $25000 investment over 5 years exclusive of fees and what are the fees associated with it.

September 8, 2015 2.10pm

Hi Geoff, we suggest you get in touch with Centuria on 1300 CENTURIA and they should be able to assist you with your inquiry.

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