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how to have a say in where your super is invested rebalance

How to have a say in where your super is invested

Over your working life it's likely your financial circumstances will change. You might build a share portfolio outside super, acquire an investment property, inherit money, suffer the misfortune of a financially damaging divorce or become risk-averse ... More
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what to do with super in retirement

What to do with your superannuation when you retire

Retirees who plan ahead will be better equipped to ride out any shock To what extent should super funds prepare their members for a market correction and give them strategies to minimise the impact? During the GFC many people panicked and fled to the ... More
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diamonds smsf

Are diamonds really an SMSF investor's best friend?

Investing in diamonds can be a great way to diversify your SMSF. Historically, they have had strong long-term returns and were not influenced by the volatility of the financial markets. However, diamonds are not necessarily a "rock" solid investment ... More
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There will be times when the best money managers in the world, battered by market movements, are tempted to abandon their objectives. This is style drift.

Why 'style drift' is a red flag when it comes to investing

An important term for investors to be aware of is "style drift", where fund managers move away from their stated investment style or broad investment parameters to find better short-term returns for their investors. Investors must be clear about their ... More
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portfolio diversification

How diversified is your portfolio?

A recent survey by Investment Trends found that the average self-directed investor in Australia holds shares in just 18 companies with a large portion to a few stocks, namely the big four banks, Telstra and BHP since they represent almost 50% of the ... More
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Centuria Implemented Portfolios

This week Money asks Centuria where to invest and their pick is the Centuria Implemented Portfolios Dynamic Asset Allocation Investment Fund The Fund seeks to produce income along with an exposure to property and shares which are intended to provide ... More
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Diversification myths

Three myths about diversification

Diversification is a frequently used word in the investment industry but it's often taken at face value and misunderstood by investors. Common ways investors can get diversification wrong are: Myth 1: Lots of colours on a pie chart equals diversification ... More
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