Bendigo Bank named Home Lender of the Year



Bendigo Bank won this year with its impressive offerings in home lending, especially in fixed-interest mortgages. Rates start at 2.09%pa, which beats many low-cost fintech competitors.

COVID-19 caused Bendigo Bank, as an essential service, to mobilise its teams rapidly and in different ways to help clients through the pandemic.

consumer finance awards 21 home lender of the year

"We kept the vast majority of our branches open, redeployed employee resources into critical call centre and mortgage help teams to assist with increased enquiries and asked our corporate employees to work safely from home," says Marnie Baker, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank managing director.

"I am immensely proud of the care and consideration they have shown everyone. Their ability to adapt is a testament to the culture that is fostered at the bank.

"Achieving this also takes deep understanding of a customer's individual circumstances, particularly among our growing small business customer base. Our business banking division achieved the distinction of being named the highest-rated bank for supporting customers through COVID-19.

"We've learned to do more with less, develop workarounds and adapt, so I see this flexibility and ability to respond well to change as a positive, which will ultimately lead to better customer and community outcomes."

Baker says the Bendigo Bank's advantages and eye for market opportunities lie in its strength of purpose, values, strategy and commitment to customers' needs.

"Looking ahead, supported by our growth and transformation strategy, we continue to target above-system residential lending and further growth in the small business and agribusiness sectors, whilst at the same time reducing our cost base and maintaining a strong and resilient balance sheet.

"We are strengthening our operations and improving how we engage customers through increased productivity by driving down costs, and through sustainable investment in new capabilities, particularly in customer experience and digitisation.

"This approach is underpinned by sustainable investment in new capabilities, particularly in customer experience and digitisation. Partnering is in our DNA and our leadership in fintech partnership and history of innovation supports our longer-term growth strategy."

HSBC was the runner-up in this category, showing strength in home lending and investment lending.

Third-placed Macquarie Bank has also been recognised for its fixed-term mortgages. Rates start at 2.57%pa for loan-to-value ratios (LVRs) less than 70% and 2.62%pa for LVRs of 80%. Its variable loans start at 2.53%pa and basic loans at 2.54%pa.


Impressive offerings in home lending, especially in fixed-interest loans.


Fixed-interest loans from 2.9%pa, and are the sponsors of many fintech start-ups.


1. Bendigo Bank
3. Macquarie Bank

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