ME Bank named 2021 Money Minder of the Year

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ME Bank has taken out the Money Minder award (bank) for a fourth year running - a testament to its long track record of offering simple savings products with great rates.

The pandemic has changed a lot, not least the way people manage their money.

"COVID-19 has accelerated the trend away from cash towards cards and digital payments," says Craig Ralston, ME's group executive, customer banking.

cfa21 money minder of the year

While holding cash in the bank won't provide much of a return these days, having an emergency fund is good financial practice.

"The pandemic has increased households' understanding of the importance of having a stash of savings for emergencies and I think we're seeing savings behaviour increase across the board," says Ralston.

"While alternatives such as the sharemarket can be appealing in the pursuit of higher potential returns, savings accounts like ME's term deposits and online accounts provide customers with security and confidence in receiving an ongoing capital return."

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CJ Blocksidge
July 28, 2021 5.31pm

Seeing ME Bank take out 2021 Money Magazine Winner's Award is no surprise to me. I'm just an ordinary person yet ME has given me stellar service for over 20 years. I've had a house loan, investment property loans, offset accounts and more. Congratulations on your 4th win ME Bank. Thank you, for always being there for me; I appreciate it.