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where to park a windfall sale of property

Where to park a windfall from selling your property

You've decided to sell your family home. Perhaps you've outgrown it and need to find something bigger to move into as soon as you sell. Or maybe you're moving for work, perhaps interstate or even overseas, and are keeping your options open ... More
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is it safe to give someone my bank account number

Is it safe to give someone my bank account number?

Financial transactions have come a long way since the days of chequebook and pen. Payments are now made instantly through apps or over the phone. However, convenience comes at a cost. The uninitiated can easily fall victim to scams or, at the other ... More
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Ask Paul: I just got divorced and I'm out of my depth

I am a 41-year-old recently divorced woman. I have returned home to Australia after living overseas for many years . I have $50,000 to invest (50% of a retirement annuity received in the divorce settlement) and $50,000 in child support maintenance ... More
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