Three easy ways to earn extra cash from home


A bit of extra cash can go a long way.

We've all got our secret splurge goals - for some it's an end-of-year holiday while for others it's the latest iPhone. How can we satisfy our guilty pleasures?

Thanks to the internet, there are myriad ways to earn extra income.

earn extra cash

You don't even have to change your usual routine. A quick search online can show you the latest apps, sites or incentives to help you get your "money for jam".

Receive up to 30% cashback on your online shopping


How: Addicted to online shopping? The PricePal website has been around for a little while now, and it has joined forces with a long list of e-commerce sites.

By downloading the PricePal browser extension, you can earn cashback straight into your bank account by shopping at one of the site's 659 affiliated stores. At the time of writing, PricePal users could earn up to 30% cashback on purchases, depending on where you're shopping.

Popular sites include Woolworths online, Dan Murphy's, ASOS, Expedia and The Iconic.

Each offer is restricted by a list of conditions, so make sure you read the fine print on the PricePal website before you commit to any purchases.

Admittedly, the loyalty scheme won't make you a fortune overnight but if you're a dedicated online shopper you are likely to build a small nest egg over time.

Charge $25 a week for renting out your garden shed


How: Storekat, the latest Aussie start-up, can help you contribute to the booming share economy by renting out your unused space. It's essentially an Airbnb for storage: if you've got a spare bedroom or garden shed, you can cash in by allowing someone else to use it.

If you'd like to hire out your space, the weekly rent is up to you.

According to the Storekat website, the average cost for hiring a garden shed in Australia is $25 a week, which is much cheaper than what most commercial storage facilities charge.

If you've got the free space, why not take advantage of it?

You are in complete control - you can earn as much or as little as you want. Got an empty garage? Rent out a potentially lucrative parking space.

It's an exciting opportunity for those with excess space. Be aware there may be tax implications.

Earn up to $34.80 a week for babysitting

What: Registered Child Care Provider scheme

How: Australian childcare costs are notoriously expensive.

To save money, many families rely on grandparents or other family members to look after the kids before or after school.

According to research from National Seniors, one in three grandparents say their income is negatively affected by their childcare commitments.

If this is you, there is something you can do about it. The federal Registered Care Provider Scheme can help you claim back some costs from your babysitting duties.

You can claim childcare benefits of 69.6 cents an hour up to a weekly maximum of 50 hours, which equates to just under $35 per pre-school child. For school-aged children, the payment is 85% of this rate.

To claim, you must register as a carer with the Department of Human Services (

You'll need a tax file number, a working-with-children check and valid receipts for the hours of childcare you provide. It might seem like a lot to go through just for an extra $35 a week, but when you're saving every bit counts.


Steph Nash was a staff writer at Money until 2017.
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