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money myths that are holding you back

The damaging money myths that are holding you back

I have two teenage sons, both of whom have their driver's licence and new jobs, which are launching them into a new phase of independence and curiosity about the world. It is an exciting time. As part of this transition, they are learning what it ... More
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kay bretz ultra marathon

How turning right got Kay hooked on ultra-marathons

Ultra-marathon runner Kay Bretz was running marathons from 19 until his 30s, when suddenly he was over the thrill of it. One day he came out of his garden gate and turned right, instead of his usual left, and realised he'd been on autopilot; his ... More
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how to make money from your spare room

How to make thousands of dollars from your spare room

Buying a home is likely to be the biggest investment you'll ever make so why not try to make some extra money from it, especially if cash is tight. Maybe work is scarce thanks to the fallout from COVID-19 lockdowns. If you have a spare room use ... More
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