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tyre pressure car costs transport

Seven ways to save thousands on the cost of owning a car

The cost of getting around is increasing at twice the rate of inflation, according to new research from the Australian Automobile Association. The average Aussie metro household spends $18,221 a year on transport, up $736 from a year ago. Sydneysiders ... More
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recycling environment planet ark

Swap, deposit, sell: five tips to save money and the earth

There are lots of good causes that cost money, so how refreshing is it to find one that not only saves money but maybe even makes some? In the lead-up to Planet Ark's National Recycling Week from November 12 to 18, we've put together a list of cost-effective ... More
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car sharing tax ato

How to make the most of the tax perks for car sharing

The tax office has just sent out the message that it will focus on income made from peer-to-peer car sharing but the so-called "crackdown" actually benefits those renting their car out when it is not in use. When you do the sums, almost everyone who ... More
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make extra cash side hustle second income stream how to earn extra money share economy garage sale bills budgeting saving money boost your income

Three easy ways you can boost your income this month

Save on everyday expenses Create a budget , highlight your expenses, negotiate with your providers and then monitor your cash flow. Easier said than done but if you make the effort the savings can be considerable. If the thought of doing a budget is ... More
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microstock stock photos photo photographer shutterstock make money selling photos side hustle side business extra cash

How to earn extra cash from a stock photo side hustle

Earn a bit on the side by placing your photos with an online microstock agency Calling all happy snappers. Ever considered turning your hobby into a reasonably profitable sideline? Not only are global "microstock" agencies open to submissions from amateur ... More
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making money from garage sales garage sale trash and treasure clutter extra money yard sale

How to make serious money from your next garage sale

If you're looking for a way to make some extra money - whether to pay some bills or fund a holiday - then holding a garage sale might just be the way to do it. A successful garage sale can make hundreds of dollars, and there's the added benefit that ... More
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