18 first-home buyer questions answered: get started in property


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There's no doubt Aussies love property. Why the obsession?

Maybe it's because it's easy to understand, there's low volatility (at least in areas where demand exceeds supply), you have greater control over all your returns (unlike equities) or governments tend not to play around with it as much as, say, super.

For me property has provided some great windfalls. Like most home-owners and property investors, by building equity I've been able to increase our household wealth. Admittedly it's tough getting into the property market.

first-home buyer guide

Sometimes you do need to ask for a little help - my first property was bought with the help of mum and dad.

And sometimes you need to dial up the risk, for example by not saving in a cash account but rather in the asset class you want to buy in.

For me, shares played a big role in saving for a deposit because, let's face it, cash in a bank account is going backwards.

And even if you don't have the full deposit, it still may pay to jump in sooner rather than later.

To make the quest to get onto the property ladder easier, we answer 18 key questions in this 2018 First-Home Buyers Guide. Download it free today!


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