What you need to know when you're buying land in an estate


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New land developments continue to grow in popularity. Here are four tips to follow before you agree to buy a block of land within an estate.

1. Get to know the developer

Become familiar with the company building the estate to ensure it meets all the requirements needed to transform an area of land into a thriving neighbourhood.

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Find out how long the company has been operating and look at other developments the business has completed to determine the quality of its work.

2. Assess the master plan

The master plan provides a glimpse into how a neighbourhood will eventually look and depicts the overall density of houses across the area.

Make sure you pay particular attention to higher-density areas to ensure the traffic, parking and population have been adequately considered. Additional factors to consider include recreational features such as trails, parks and other community-centred elements.

3. Check the infrastructure

Make sure you understand how the transportation hub will function once the area is populated.

Research the state authority's urban plans to ensure there are transport plans in place to make direct connections to buses and trains.

4. Think long term

Take the time to visit the prospective site, look at other homes that have already been built and speak with your potential neighbours to get their thoughts on the area.

It is important to see for yourself what your life might look like in this development 10 years from now, as building a home is a big investment.

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