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what's included in a house and land package

A beginner's guide to buying a house and land package

Home-and-land packages with generous government grants and benefits can seem very appealing to first home buyers. But before signing up it's a good idea to research the market thoroughly and compare the costs of a new build to those of buying an existing ... More
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where to invest 10k terry ryder newcastle real estate

Terry Ryder on where he would invest $10k

Build your team before you build your portfolio. That's an essential attitude for anyone attempting property investment. Most Australians treat property investing as a hobby. The successful ones regard it as a business. And, as with any business, you ... More
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how do bonds work bonds for beginners

Bonds for beginners: how they work and how to buy them

High-quality bonds are arguably the leading defensive asset for retail investors, lauded for their capital preservation qualities. But what exactly are they and how do you buy them? Bonds are essentially loan contracts issued by either governments or ... More
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