Melissa Caddick's supercar up for auction


Melissa Caddick's cars will go under the hammer this month as liquidators attempt to recover investors' lost assets. Meanwhile, work is also underway to sell her properties and share portfolios.

Jones Partners, the liquidators for Caddick's business Maliver Pty Ltd, have instructed Pickles Auctions to list the company's vehicles in what will be its first luxury vehicle auction of the year. The auction is scheduled for the evening of February 21.

The cars include a blue 2016 Audi R8 V10 and black 2016 Mercedes Benz CLA45.

melissa caddick anthony koletti audi r8 v10 cars up for auction

According to Carsguide Australia, the Audi is valued north of $255,000. That said, the Audi R8 is no longer sold in Australia and comparable vehicles listed online are asking as much as $320,000.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes is estimated to be worth at least $72,900.

"This is an important step in commencing the asset realisation process in the liquidation and we are also advancing other efforts, including recovering potential tax refunds as part of the liquidation," Jones Partners principal Bruce Gleeson says.

Offering a further update on the asset recovery efforts, Gleeson says work has been undertaken in recent months in relation to Caddick's properties at Dover Heights and Edgecliff in Sydney, as well as her share portfolios.

"... we are taking legal steps to expedite the sale of these assets to progress being in a position to return monies to investors," Gleeson says.

It's estimated about $26 million of investors' money disappeared when Caddick did in November 2020. In February 2021, human remains were found on a beach on the New South Wales south coast and identified as Caddick's.

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