Where to get financial help to study


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If you are over 25 and stuck in a job that doesn't suit, one option might be going back to full-time study to get the qualifications to score a career with prospects.

Do this and it's likely you will get some financial help from the government.

Austudy is designed for people aged 25 or over in full-time study or training as an apprentice. You have to be enrolled in an approved course at an approved institution and be a permanent resident. The amount you receive depends on a number of factors including whether you are single or partnered and whether you have dependent children.

You will also have to pass an income and assets test. If you earn less than $236 a fortnight, the payments you are likely to get range from $377 a fortnight to $493.90.

Special payment rates are available for the long-term unemployed without dependent children - the rate could increase to between $413.90 and $457.90 a fortnight.

You may also be entitled to the Student Start-up Scholarship to help with study costs. In 2010, $650 is paid for each six months of eligible study. For more details go to centrelink.gov.au.

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