Friends With Money #109: The mortgage cliff defence

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Facing the prospect of a substantial rate hike? That's the reality for many mortgage holders who locked in a super-low rate in 2020 or 2021, but it's never too early to take action.

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, Money's Tom Watson is joined by Josh Brougham, chief product officer at online mortgage broker Finspo, to discuss the fixed-rate mortgage cliff and the action borrowers can take.

  • What is the fixed mortgage cliff?
  • What can borrowers do, and when should they act?
  • How much can people save by avoiding a revert rate?
  • Is locking in another fixed rate worth considering?
  • Which lenders are offering the most competitive loans?

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Tom Watson is a senior journalist at Money magazine, and one of the hosts of the Friends With Money podcast. He's previously worked as a journalist covering everything from property and consumer banking to financial technology. Tom has a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Josh Brougham is the co-founder and chief product officer at Finspo. He has more than 14 years of retail banking experience in Australia and was previously the head of home loan pricing for NAB. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University and a post-graduate Diploma of Finance from the University of Melbourne.