Friends With Money #124: Personalisation is the future of banking

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Open banking is giving Australians the ability to share their banking data more securely and with fewer hurdles, but can it save people money?

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, Money's Tom Watson is joined by head of product management at Frollo, Kris Davant, to explore the possibilities of open banking. They discuss:

  1. What is open banking?
  2. How is open banking data kept private and secure?
  3. How can Australians save money through open banking?
  4. What will we see from open finance in the future?

friends with money podcast 124 personalisation is the future of banking

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Tom Watson is a senior journalist at Money magazine, and one of the hosts of the Friends With Money podcast. He's previously worked as a journalist covering everything from property and consumer banking to financial technology. Tom has a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Kris Davant is head of product management at Frollo. He previously worked at CBA, Telstra and Accenture. Kris holds a Bachelor of Business and Information Systems from ACU.