Friends With Money #151: The emotional rollercoaster of your finances

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Did you know emotions can get in the way of how well you manage your money? Being aware of the money lessons you learned during childhood, and the feelings that come up around finances when you think or talk about them, can be a great first step towards taking control of your finances and creating real wealth.

This week on the Friends with Money podcast, Money's Joanna Tovia is joined by financial advisor Dawn Thomas from The Wealth Designers to talk about how to improve your relationship with money.

  • How do emotions get in the way of sound money management?
  • Why are feelings of guilt, shame and apathy so common when it comes to money?
  • Why it's important to celebrate the things we've done right with our money
  • What a healthy relationship with money looks like
  • Five tips to better manage your money

friends with money podcast 151 emotional rollercoaster of your finances

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Joanna Tovia is a freelance journalist. She is the former personal finance editor of The Daily Telegraph and author of Eco-Wise & Wealthy, a book about saving money by going green at home. She has worked as a journalist in the US, UK and Australia writing about money, travel, design and wellbeing. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Dawn Thomas is a senior financial adviser at The Wealth Designers. She holds a Bachelor of Media Studies (Radio and Screen & Sound), a Bachelor of Mass Communications (Journalism), a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, and a Masters of Applied Finance. She is a Certified Financial Planner, and an SMSF Specialist Adviser.