Friends With Money #71: Maximising your super

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It can be easy to simply sit back and let your superannuation accumulate in the background, but even a few small actions and a bit of extra know-how can make all the difference to your balance come retirement.

This week on the Friends With Money podcast, host Tom Watson speaks with Money's senior journalist, Vita Palestrant, about the practical steps Australians from their 20s to their 60s and beyond can take to make the most of their super. They discuss:

  • Why super matters
  • The First Home Super Saver scheme
  • Extra contributions
  • Super splitting
  • The accumulation and pension phases

friends with money podcast maximising your super

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Tom Watson is a senior journalist at Money magazine, and one of the hosts of the Friends With Money podcast. He's previously worked as a journalist covering everything from property and consumer banking to financial technology. Tom has a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Vita Palestrant was the editor of the Money section of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She has worked on major metropolitan newspapers here and overseas and has won several prestigious journalism awards including the 2001 Citigroup Award for Excellence in Journalism, Personal Finance Category.
David Collum
November 2, 2022 7.00pm


I am interested to learn more about superannuation and retirement options. I am deaf so I cannot follow the podcasts. Is there a way of making transcripts available or having closed captioning subtitles made available for all podcasts please.


David Collum

Money magazine
November 11, 2022 8.15am

Hi David,

Unfortunately we don't offer that at this stage but hope to introduce it in the near future.

In the meantime, you might like to check out some of the superannuation and retirement resources on our website:

- Money team

Christopher Russell
November 19, 2022 4.50pm

Hi David,

I'm wondering how this could not be more accessible for your individual needs and others. I'm not deaf myself, however I do have a baby that has one ear that has some sort of moderate to severe permanent mixed hearing loss

so have paid attention even more so to what's around with this journey. Plus I like to help others at the core of who I am.

I'm surprised there is not an option for this. I wonder if there's anything out there that can transcribe this to a generated text file so there is a transcript from capturing the audio. Right now I am unable to remember if any software can do this.

I'm sure I have seen this done on Aussie Firebug Money Blog I have followed at one point ,as I sometimes found it easier to block read faster than listen to the audio due to how I learn and take information in myself.