Forget the fancy coffee cup: going green can actually save you money


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As going green has become fashionable, scores of trendy accessories have flooded the market.

From perfectly co-ordinated cloth grocery bags to matching reusable drink bottles and coffee cups, you could be forgiven for thinking that it takes a load of expensive new gear to save the planet.

But can you reduce your environmental footprint and spend less?

save money going green

These Money readers say saving money and the planet go hand in hand.

Firstly, grocery shopping and all things food:

1. Loose fruit and veggies are always cheaper than the packaged or processed variety. Better for your wallet, waistline and the planet! - Martin

2. Investing in reusable silicone food covers and beeswax wraps paid for itself in less than a year, saving on cling wrap and foil! Win! - Ilona

3. Have a worm farm for gardening. No need to purchase commercial fertiliser, no plastic bottles and chemical free. - Rita

4. Reduce food waste by using a shopping list and meal prepping! - Felicity

5. Shop at local markets for fresh food, you'll be saving food miles, plastic packaging and supporting local producer. - Jacky

6. We've bought a SodaStream and make our own home-made soda drinks using tank water instead of buying soda water in plastic bottles from the supermarket! - Allison

Then there are those small changes you can make around the house:

7. Turn off electronics at the wall. - Jolene

8. I try to save water and turn off the lights, I wear layers of clothing on cold Tassie nights. - Rhyll

9. I use a dish cloth made from recycled materials and wash it weekly in the dishwasher. Previously I was buying a new foam cloth weekly. - Lisa

Roma and Adrienne both recommend swap parties in their poetic answers.

10. Swap parties with friends; never a bore, clothes, toys, home-grown produce; so much more, creating connections, community and having fun, protecting environment, saving a tonne! - Roma

11. Recycling and swapping clothing is fun, cheap and cheerful for everyone, saves the planet and cash too, easy and fun to do. - Adrienne

Meanwhile, Michelle is too busy saving the planet to be shy.

12. In the warmer months shower outside on the grass - saves water by having it perform two functions! - Michelle

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