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What Australians really want from Santa this Christmas

When you are hunting for Christmas presents this year, avoid the most unwanted Christmas gifts. Top of the list are novelty items, voted unpopular by 51% of Australians, followed by candles (40%), then pamper products (40%), pyjamas or slippers (35%) ... More
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Adani protesters are seen marching through the streets of Brisbane on July 5, 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. The protesters are calling on the Queensland State Government to withdraw its approval of the Adani coal mine in central Queensland. The rally is pa

ESG activists under fire from Morrison government

One of the biggest investment trends, known as environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, is coming under pressure from the Coalition government. ESG investing is informed by specialist groups and the government is seeking to outlaw informative ... More
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The throwaway culture costing Australians $28.3bn a year

October is Buy Nothing New Month, a month-long challenge to buy nothing new except essentials like food, hygiene products and medicines. Founded in 2010 by Tamara DiMattina in Melbourne, it is now a global initiative. Tamara created this challenge after ... More
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