Supercars and saving the planet: Money readers tell us how they'd splurge


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Aussies have been spending more on food, alcohol and things for the home since the coronavirus hit, but what would we be splurging on if money was no object and lockdowns no barrier?

That's the question we asked Money readers recently.

While many leapt at the chance to dream big - diamonds, high fashion and first-class travel - others talked about what they would do to help others.

ferrari f8 tributo

Here are 15 of our favourite responses.

We've all dreamed of a life of luxury, and any parent would agree with Tamara's wish.

1. 100% a chef! How amazing to not have to worry about meals or school lunches ever again! - Tamara

2. Travel around the world for a year and tick off every site on my bucket list with my family. - David

3. I would take my family on a luxurious fully paid month long holiday and buy a beautiful waterfront home in the tropics. - Sharon

Some readers would embrace the opportunity to go green.

4. An electric car and some more solar panels on the roof, to make sure it is only run on solar power. - Mark

5. Save the planet. Every minuscule positive change by millions breathes hope into Earth. - Steve

6. A beautiful home with lots of land to grow my own food. Heaven. - Tom

While these readers only had thoughts for others:

7. I would splurge on family, on friends, on charities, on churches, on education, on start-up businesses. Anything to make life better for someone else. - Kaye

8. A full-time carer for 99-year-old Nan so she could live with family instead of an aged care facility. - Vickie

9. A home for my daughter. At 21 house prices are too high. A home for her to be secure and for me to visit. - Julie

10. Would splurge on providing funding to rid the world of this rotten scourge that is COVID-19 so we can all get back normal life. - Neil

Some got very specific:

11. Clarice Cliff pottery tea service set. Highly collectible, beautiful art deco design, joyful to look at and easy to recoup value if needing to sell. - Di

12. Most definitely a red Ferrari F8 Tributo and take some of my best mates for a spin. - Matthew

13. The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II: the world's most advanced fighter jet. - Barry

While these two just made us laugh:

14. Unlimited dancing classes (to get the moves like Jagger!) - Amy

15. I think I would be a fool if I didn't just buy America. They need some help! - Daniel

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