How does HOSTPLUS balanced super measure up?


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About the fund

HOSTPLUS MySuper's balanced investment choice is the flagship investment option offered by the HOSTPLUS super fund, a fund for people who work in and around the hospitality, tourism and recreation industries throughout Australia but anyone else can also join.

HOSTPLUS has been operating since 1987 and now looks after $18 billion on behalf of almost 1 million members.

hostplus super

HOSTPLUS MySuper invests using a growth strategy as about 75% of its assets are in shares and property, 12% is in infrastructure and bonds, and 13% is in other alternative investments.

What else it offers

While you can choose HOSTPLUS MySuper as your default super fund into which your employer puts your superannuation guarantee contributions, you can also join HOSTPLUS as an individual 'personal' or retirement member.

For members who want more investment choices HOSTPLUS has 21 options including five pre-mixed choices, five asset class choices, a lifecycle choice and 10 fund manager specific choices. On top of these it has a member direct option that lets members invest directly into the Australian sharemarket, choose Exchange Traded Funds or bank cash term deposits.

HOSTPLUS' standard cover life insurance premium value is ranked about median among similar style super funds. Other benefits like access to a financial planner and discount home loans and credit cards are also available.

Independent commentary

HOSTPLUS MySuper boasts one of the most consistently strong investment performance records in the superannuation market as it has beat the SelectingSuper MySuper index in nine of the past 11 financial years making it rank inside the best 10% of super funds.

HOSTPLUS is led by some of the most highly regarded superannuation and business experts in Australia but what makes it really stand out is the heavy emphasis it places on its investment engine. Its consistently strong performance and wide range of extra features is why it was awarded SelectingSuper Fund of the Year in 2014 and 2015.

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Alex Dunnin is director of research at Rainmaker Information, publisher of Money magazine, Financial Standard and Selecting Super.