How to get discounted or free apps


It might not seem much but every 99c you pay for an app can add up. If you're willing to wait a bit then you might be able to get discounted or even free apps.

And you won't have to jail break your phone or do it illegally.

One way is to download an app-tracker app. These will let you track price changes for many popular apps so that you're aware of deals.

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For Apple apps, check App Price Drops by Apple Sliced or Free App Tracker, while on Google Play there are AppBrain and AppGratis. Android users might also consider using Amazon to purchase apps. Users can download a "Free app of the day" each day.

Keep an eye on daily App Deals at It's a round-up of notable new, updated and discounted apps the team thinks are worth looking at.

Also watch for sales. iTunes and Google Play sometimes have sales around particular holidays such as Valentine's Day or Christmas.

The other good news is that if, say, your husband or daughter has purchased an app, you don't necessarily have to fork out your own money to get it for your phone or any other device in your home.

Apple lets you share purchased content with up to six family members without sharing an Apple ID or password. As well as apps, family members can access music, movies, TV shows and books that another person has already purchased.

Not all apps can be shared, though. To check, you can go to the app's description page and scroll down to the information section. If you can share it, you'll see "yes" next to family sharing but if you can't you'll see "not shareable" next to its name.

You can share Android apps on a second device without paying for them again using Android Market. But unlike Apple family sharing, you can't share with other Google accounts.

Another way to save is to buy iTunes or GooglePlay gift cards on special. Big retailers such as Kmart and Target often have great discounts. So let's say you bought a $50 iTunes card for $40 (20% off).

Technically you will get $50 worth of apps for just $40. Sure you might still be paying full price for the apps but you'll be getting a lot more bang for your buck.



Maria Bekiaris is editorial campaigns manager for Canstar and former deputy editor of Money. She holds a Bachelor's degree in business.
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