How to score a promotion at work


It is important that you take full responsibility for your own career development and growth yourself.

By doing so, you are more likely to secure a promotion and get your career to where you want it to be.

So set yourself clear career goals and know what steps you need to undertake to work towards achieving them.

how to get promoted at work promotion

1. Additional duties

For example, your goal might be to be promoted to team leader. In your present role, you could offer to chair meetings, manage projects and train others in an area of proficiency.

If you see a need associated to the job function you'd like to be promoted into, then volunteer for additional duties in this area.

If you do not see a need, ask what additional tasks you can take on to assist the business.

Employers value team players.

Importantly, by taking on the additional duties in the area you'd like to be promoted into, you are proving yourself capable of performing the job function to which you aspire, before you ask for the actual promotion.

2. Seek a mentor

Having a mentor can help you become a better employee, and can help you identify and achieve your career goals.

Be open to finding a mentor anywhere, and don't limit yourself to just one. Getting insight and honest feedback from more than one person will give you a better sense of your career progress and direction.

3. Excel and strive to do more

Obviously you need to be outstanding at your current job. So don't forget to excel in your current areas of responsibility while striving to show you can do more.

Doing extra work and study is certainly a good start if you want to get promoted as it shows you are being proactive in your career development and growth.

This way, you are more likely to secure your dream role long-term.


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