Kogan mobile phone plans: how do they compare?


Kogan's new data service was launched this week, promising customers the biggest bang for their buck.

But how does Kogan compare to the juicy deals of other telcos? We crunched all the numbers to find you the cheapest deals on offer for your mobile plan.

It's back! Discount telecommunications giant Kogan launched its new mobile service early this week, after striking a deal with the Vodafone network. Hold on, didn't Kogan already have its own mobile service?

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You'd be forgiven for forgetting that Kogan brought out a range of mobile plans on the Telstra network back in 2012, but that was short-lived as its supplier ispONE went into voluntary administration in August 2013. Well, the good news is Kogan's back, and it's cheaper than anything else on the market right now.

There is also a bit of bad news.

The bad news is that the 4G network won't be available until early 2016, which is a bit of a drawback for anyone currently loving the lightning fast service. For now, Kogan users will have to settle with 3G, which is about ten times as slow as 4G.

If you're not all that into video streaming, going back to 3G is nothing compared to the huge savings you can make with Kogan.'s cheapest deal for 3GB of data is currently recorded as the Boost Mobile $40 Ultra SIM, which costs $40 a month. Kogan's 3GB SIM beats it by 25%, costing only $29.95 a month.

Kogan's 5GB SIM is less of a saving, at around 7% cheaper compared to TPG's T4G III SIM at $39.99. If you're someone that uses 5GB of data each month, you might prefer to be on the 4G network anyway, so it could be worth your while staying on current plan.

Looking for a new iPhone 6S? You're worthwhile purchasing the device and SIM outright through Kogan than committing to a two-year plan with another telco.

.According to Finder, the cheapest 16GB iPhone 6S plan for 3GB of data is the $60 Optus MyPlan Plus, which works out to be $1896 over two years.

If you bought the same iPhone outright through Kogan, it would cost you $969, which combined with their 3GB data 12 month SIM for two years, would cost $1560.84 - about $330 less than the Optus contract.

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