Ditch your dud fund: March issue of Money on sale now


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The March issue of Money is on sale now. From how to boost your super by $60k in 10 years to your rights if your apartment is a lemon, here is what's inside.

Ditch your dud fund: boost your super balance by $60k

The super industry has been ripping off workers for years with high fees, poor performance, multiple accounts and worthless insurance. But those days are numbered. Our five warning signs will help you avoid the wrong options and choose a better place for your retirement savings.

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Your rights if your new apartment is a lemon

The crumbling Opal Tower drew headlines for all the wrong reasons but it's not the only apartment building with serious faults. More than 70% of apartment blocks in NSW have defects, as developers look to cut costs and increase profits. We reveal what you can do if you've bought an apartment with defects.

The cost of outsourcing your most dreaded chores

$50 for the ironing. $125 for house cleaning. Aussies are now outsourcing half of all household maintenance. We reveal why it's not always cheaper to do it yourself, the cost of outsourcing the most dreaded chores and how to get your money's worth.

When it pays to pay LMI: buying now instead of saving more

If you wait to tick all the boxes before buying property, house prices can rise faster than you can save. With low interest rates and property prices cooling, now is a good time to buy for many. So is lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) an unnecessary cost, or a foot in the door?

Why you'll get more back from the tax man for claiming a home office

More Aussies are working from home and claiming the cost of a home office as part of their tax refund. We reveal what you can and can't claim, and why home office expenses are about to become even more lucrative at tax time.

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