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Of the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have invested in cryptocurrency, many have failed to report their profits.

Why the ATO is checking up on your crypto investments

Have you bought or sold cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin during the year? If so, the tax office could be taking a close interest. The ATO estimates there are between 500,000 to 1 million Australians who have invested in cryptocurrency assets and many ... More
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If you're claiming your commute to work or the cost of drycleaning your business shirts as tax deductions, you could land yourself in hot water with the ATO.

The 10 tax deductions Aussies keep getting wrong

Here are 10 common tax deductions Aussies are getting wrong which could land them in hot water with the ATO. 1. All car-related costs including home to work travel Contrary to what Aussies might assume, while you can claim expenses if you are having ... More
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