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ATO sets its sights on tax-evading car owners

Tax evaders are being put on notice as the tax office prepares to get hold of car registration records for about 1.5 million Australians. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is set to obtain the mammoth haul of registration and vehicle purchase records ... More
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what aussies arent doing with their tax cuts

The big thing Aussies aren't doing with their tax cuts

To increase the super guarantee (SG) or not, that is the question. According to last week's Retirement Income Review , holding the rate at 9.5% is fine provided Australians utilise the current income retirement system in its entirety - which includes ... More
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step by step guide to buying shares for the first time

A newbie's guide to buying shares for the first time

An estimated 900,000 Australians are intending to invest in listed investments in the coming 12 months, according to the ASX's recently released Australian Investor Survey for 2020. These new investors will join the 6.6 million Australians who already ... More
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