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prepay margin loan interest

Should I prepay my margin loan before June 30?

Paying loan interest in advance can be a smart tax strategy. As margin loans are used to invest in shares, the loan interest can normally be claimed on tax. Better yet, it's possible to claim up to 12 months' worth of interest paid in advance, bringing ... More
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june 30 deadline for super

What to do with your super before the June 30 deadline

Don't neglect your superannuation this financial year, otherwise you will miss out on one of the few tax concessions available. If you aren't under financial stress because of COVID-19 and can afford to top up your fund, you only have 12 days ... More
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claiming hand sanitiser on tax

Can you claim hand sanitiser and face masks on tax?

There's often a fine line between a legitimate work-related tax deduction and something that is primarily for personal use, and knowing the difference is important at tax time. Radio hosts who are expected to be familiar with news and what people ... More
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