The money tips that our readers are acting on this year


Most of us know what we should be doing with our money, but actually doing it is another matter.

We asked our readers to share the money tips they'll finally be acting on in 2022.

Here's what 20 had to say...

money tips you're acting on in 2022

  1. Boosting my savings by selling unwanted and unused goods around the house. I'm finally going to act on it! - Raelene
  2. Time to start salary sacrificing into super after a pause to buy the family home. Automation, baby! - Joshua
  3. To stop wasting money on stuff and to stick to a budget so l don't have to fret over money in my retirement. - Jennifer
  4. I'm currently researching an area to buy an investment property and doing due diligence and next year I'm committed to finally buying! - Andrew
  5. Source more second-hand items, and reuse, repair or upcycle what I can. Be more conscious regarding buying things I really do not need. - Melissa
  6. I'm going to forego my weekly Tatts lotto ticket and daily bought coffee, and put that $40 into superannuation as salary sacrifice. - Jason
  7. I'm going to pay myself first! - Kim
  8. Making a superannuation contribution and claiming it back on tax! Small win in the short term while investing long term too! - Alexandra
  9. Invest in the stock market regularly! Because it's about time in the marketing, not timing the market. I'll be dollar-cost-averaging fortnightly. - Nena
  10. I'll be asking my HR/payroll to pay extra amounts into my super before I get paid that way, I won't miss it.- Kim
  11. My wife and myself are going to save $5000 per year and invest in the ASX to buy VAS and reinvest dividends via the DRP. - Thomas
  12. I'm going to invest in shares - I've always held off, but it's time for me to take the jump! - Jocelyn
  13. I'm going to stick to dollar-cost averaging! Then let compound interest do its thing. - Callum
  14. Simplify our finances - namely streamline our collection of actively managed funds and reformat to low-cost ETFs or passively managed funds. - Evonne
  15. Continuing to make contributions to my super while on maternity leave. - Wendy
  16. Review all utilities such as gas, electricity, phone and internet to see how you can save and get better services at the same time. - Scott
  17. I will finally start taking my lunches to work and the money go into my Vanguard investment account. - Shelley
  18. Pay extra off my mortgage and put savings in an offset account. - Brooke
  19. I'm promising myself to allocate time to my finances making them the priority they should be. - Corinna
  20. I'm going to pay off a personal loan in 3 months at then put the money either onto my mortgage or invest in ETFs. - Nicole

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