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prepay margin loan interest

Should I prepay my margin loan before June 30?

Paying loan interest in advance can be a smart tax strategy. As margin loans are used to invest in shares, the loan interest can normally be claimed on tax. Better yet, it's possible to claim up to 12 months' worth of interest paid in advance, bringing ... More
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leveraging investing

The risks of leveraging when it comes to investing

Leverage can be both friend and foe to investors. But there are ways to tame the downsides. In simple terms, leverage means borrowing to invest. And it's something plenty of Australians do on a daily basis. When you buy a home using a mortgage, you ... More
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coronavirus why frugal is the new normal

Frugality is the new normal and that's not a bad thing

Once upon a time, frugality was so uncool. It was unhip to talk about saving money. It was cool to aspire to live a luxury lifestyle, and anything budget related was dull. Back in 2015, I went to a national blogging conference on the Gold Coast called ... More
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