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New doco will change the way you think about retirement

Some label the FIRE movement a cult and some find it life-changing. US finance writer Suze Orman hates it, while FIRE bloggers and podcasters hide their identities so their bosses won't know. And now there is a powerful documentary about the Financial ... More
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How we've invested $500k to retire in our early 30s

If I told you that I planned to retire in my early 30s, would you believe me? Understandably, this is an audacious goal , but one I've been working towards, alongside my husband, since my early 20s . It even has a name, too: FIRE. FIRE (Financial Independence ... More
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The 19-year-old Aussie woman on track to retire at 40

If you believe retirement only happens when you reach your 60s - and you want to retire earlier - then read on. There is a growing band of retirees in Australia and overseas who are hitting retirement in their 30s or 40s. No, they aren't rich kids ... More
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'Retire early and do what?' Readers have their say

Looks like our April cover story, How to retire in 10 years - early retirement strategies whatever your age , has hit a money spot! I was fortunate enough to discuss this story on both The Today Show and 2GB but a four-minute interview does not do justice ... More
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Ask Paul: We want to retire early on $140k a year

Q. My husband, 47, and I, 40, have three investment properties: one in Sydney (worth $950,000), another in Melbourne ($600,000) and the third in Brisbane ($600,000). They provide 3.3%, 3.8% and 3.6% rental yield. Our loans amount to $972,000 with an ... More
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Meet the Frugalwoods: the couple who retired in their 30s

Meet the Frugalwoods, conventional 9-5 professionals turned modern-day homesteaders in rural Vermont. This is the story of how American personal finance blogger Elizabeth Willard Thames abandoned a successful career in the city and embraced frugality ... More
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Serina Huang is the proudly frugal single mother of two boys. She blogs at msfrugalears.com. groceries early retirement food fed feed saving money family shopping meals cook

How I fed my family of three on less than $50 a week

In late August 2016 I stood in my kitchen surveying my bursting cupboard, fridge, freezer - and shelves that held even more food. I knew I would need to throw out several things in that fridge that weekend. I knew I was overweight. I knew I planned ... More
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heidi farrelly how i'm paying off my mortgage in 10 years

I paid off my Sydney mortgage in less than 10 years

Nine years, eight months, 14 days. That's how long it took us to pay off our Sydney mortgage . Not that I was counting or anything... Okay, so I was definitely counting! The final few months of our mortgage seemed to drag out something fierce, just ... More
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