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Armour plan shares

When the sharemarket gets going arm yourself with a plan

This year the world has been thrust into turmoil with growing fears around the full effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concerns are not just about our health, although understandably this is our immediate focus, but also the growing concerns among ordinary ... More
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tech stock

A tech stock that's flying under the radar

Just because a company is large and well-known today doesn't necessarily mean it'll remain that way into the future. Investors in shares need to overcome familiarity bias and focus on the future, what is to come rather than what has happened ... More
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glossary diversification

13 investing and risk terms you need to understand

1. Risk profile or risk tolerance Your risk profile, which financial advisers often talk about, or your risk tolerance is your ability to withstand losses in your portfolio. Some people compare it to your ability to sleep at night - if your portfolio ... More
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