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ASX darling ARB on track despite industry headwinds

New car sales have been in steady decline for the last 22 months and fell 12.5% in January compared with the same month last year. On Monday Holden succumbed to the pressure and announced they were pulling up stumps in Australia. On Tuesday, ARB, the ... More
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coronavirus hits cochlear implant surgeries

Cochlear company hit by China's coronavirus outbreak

A slowdown in implant surgeries in China has tempered this year's profit expectations. Cochlear has warned that the coronavirus outbreak in China is starting to affect its bottom line. Guidance for 2020 net profit has been lowered from $290-300m ... More
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telaria shares video advertising

How to invest in video ads instead of just clicking skip

In January 2019, Telaria shares were trading around the $US 3.19 level. This year the shares managed to push above $US11.50 (about $17) in early January. That is a massive increase - in the region of 260% - that would have made a lot of investors happy. ... More
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allegion plc shares

Why security company Allegion is a smart investment

In this age of rising identity theft and malicious hacking, cyber security is becoming a particularly hot topic of interest. Not only among cyber security experts but even with lay people concerned about the safety and security of their personal details ... More
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Meituan-Dianping shares

The food delivery company taking on China's BAT stocks

Investors who trade international shares are likely to be familiar with the Chinese giant companies Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent - known as the BAT stocks. But there's one stock that may have slipped under the radar of many investors who seek exposure ... More
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NRW Holdings: Ready to ride mining booms and busts

Mining services companies can be risky ventures. Over the last few years some have met an untimely demise. RCR Tomlinson's 100-year history came to a sorry end last year. Others that no longer grace the ASX include Titan Energy Services and Forge Group. ... More
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Healthy growth prospects pave the way for CG Services

Country Garden Services Holdings Co Lt (CG Services: 6098) closed at 25.05 Hong Kong dollars (HKD) on October 14. That's more than 100% increase since the company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at 11.44 HKD per share in June 2018. Investors ... More
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