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coronavirus why frugal is the new normal

Frugality is the new normal and that's not a bad thing

Once upon a time, frugality was so uncool. It was unhip to talk about saving money. It was cool to aspire to live a luxury lifestyle, and anything budget related was dull. Back in 2015, I went to a national blogging conference on the Gold Coast called ... More
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coronavirus landlords property investor

'Most landlords can't afford to have no rental income'

On the eve of the government announcing help for tenants who can't pay the rent, landlords are asking for assistance from government, regulators and banks to pay their mortgages. "Let's be clear - landlords understand the situation. The vast ... More
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how to save a house deposit

The common sense guide to saving up a house deposit

With reserve interest rates at record lows, and the housing market starting to once again creep back from hiatus, many people are casting their minds to the great Australian dream - home ownership. If you'd like to nab yourself a slice of that financial ... More
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