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what the federal budget means for property investors

What the Federal Budget means for property investors

In one of the most significant Federal Budgets in recent memory, the government has introduced some important changes designed to support the property market and maintain a robust investing climate. But for the average investor, what does it all mean? ... More
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cash for first home buyers

The cash grants that could help you buy your first home

It's party time for first home buyers who are willing to buy new properties, with plenty of free money on offer as governments move to support the construction industry in the wake of COVID-19 - for example, up to $76,070, including stamp duty concessions ... More
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coronavirus why frugal is the new normal

Frugality is the new normal and that's not a bad thing

Once upon a time, frugality was so uncool. It was unhip to talk about saving money. It was cool to aspire to live a luxury lifestyle, and anything budget related was dull. Back in 2015, I went to a national blogging conference on the Gold Coast called ... More
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