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The real consequences of lying on your loan application

It is tempting to embellish your finances when you apply for a credit card or a home loan or a car loan. Have you lied to secure credit? If you have, you are not alone. Millions of Australians are being untruthful to save a buck, according to new research ... More
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Payday loan alternative could save Aussies thousands

Cash-strapped Australians now have a new alternative to predatory payday loans and sky-high interest rates after Good Shepherd Microfinance launched Speckle, a short-term cash loan. One in five Australian households have used payday loans in the past ... More
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Five ways to escape the exploding millennial debt trap

If you're in trouble with debt, there are a few things you can do to get out of the red . Itemise your debts If they are spiralling out of control, the first step should be to cut back your expenses. Compile a list of all your debts and expenses and ... More
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Cheapest personal loans

Best of the Best 2017: Cheapest Personal Loans

GOLD WINNERS: POLICE BANK (BANK), LIBERTY (NON-BANK) It feels good to reduce your debts, especially if you manage to get ahead of your repayments, and our two winners in the category of cheapest personal loans advertise zero penalties for paying out ... More
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best of the best 2017 awards money magazine

Best of the Best 2017

If there was ever an issue that could help you make or save some serious coin, then this is it: the Best of the Best. For the biggest savings it's hard to go past home loans. As Mitchell Watson, from Canstar, says, the average standard variable rate ... More
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interest-only loan interest only loan interest-only loans

Three scenarious when an interest-only loan is OK

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) is cracking down on the interest-only loan. After an eight-month investigation, the regulator found many lenders had been falling short of legal standards in assessing applications. I'm all for ... More
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credit score

Three things that can hurt your credit score

Did you know you might unwittingly be engaging in credit behaviour that may be detrimental to your credit score and therefore your ability to access credit in the future? A credit score is calculated by an algorithm that takes into account your credit ... More
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