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Three ways to start investing with $100 or less

A slew of affordable financial products to hit the market in recent years means the cash-strapped and asset-poor can now invest like the wealthy - and you don't even need $100 to get started. Money magazine raises the hood on three investment vehicles ... More
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Five things you need to know about peer-to-peer lending

1. Can I invest in peer-to-peer through my SMSF? By Peter Marshall, product data & compliance manager, Mozo Yes, you can invest in peer-to-peer loans through your SMSF. Although it's a fairly new asset class it can offer you an opportunity to access ... More
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Term deposits on steroids: earn double the bank rates

They've been compared to term deposits on steroids and when you look at the returns you'll understand why. Net of fees you could earn an annualised rate of 3.8% on a one-month investment (on Wednesday last week, one-month investments were netting 4.2%pa). ... More
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ratesetter peer-to-peer lending peer-to-peer lending P2P interest rates returns share economy

Why Kevin has invested $20,000 in peer-to-peer lending

Kevin, 54, from Sydney, has been using RateSetter since July 2016 by investing $10,000. He added an extra $10,000 in January. He has made around $520 on his initial $10,000 investment, equivalent to about 9.4%pa over that period. Why I chose RateSetter ... More
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Australia's booming fintech revolution

The incorporation of forward-thinking technology is taking the finance world by storm - so much so that a new breed of technology-focused financial start-ups - fintech for short - has emerged to change the way local consumers manage their money. In ... More
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Why you shouldn't rush to repay your mortgage

The suggestion might sound a little absurd coming from me: "delay paying off your home loan". But, given record low mortgage rates, it can actually make sense. If you're nearing retirement, thinking of turning your mortgage into an investment loan ... More
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