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Older Australians forced to postpone retirement

Older Australians are hanging up their boots later in life, forced to remain in the workforce well into their 70s. The participation rate for people aged 65-74 has doubled since the turn of the century, with a spike over the past two years, Deloitte ... More
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Pension not enough to live on, new research shows

Most Australians believe the age pension represents at least half of what they would need to live on in retirement. Less than 6% of Australians say the age pension of about $24,100 p.a. for singles and $36,300 p.a. for couples would be sufficient, according ... More
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Five things you need to know about your retirement

This report was sponsored by QSuper but was independently researched and written If 2019 brings plans to retire, it's time to view your super through fresh eyes After decades of growing your super, it can call for a very different mindset to start drawing ... More
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