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telco phone sales

Telcos under fire for high-pressure sales tactics

In recent years consumer groups have called for internet services to be regulated in the same way as water, gas and electricity. On the surface this makes sense, especially as more utility providers bundle their services on the one bill. The case for ... More
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How to sell your old phone to buy a new iPhone 11

Can you sell your old iPhone to help pay for your new iPhone 11? The iPhone 11 has arrived. One aspect that's not surprising? The $1199-plus price tag. How can you afford that and not end up trapped on a 24-month contract? The big problem with buying ... More
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giving kids their first phone when to give your child their first phone

Deciding when to give your child their first mobile phone

"My friend Mark at school has a mobile phone," my grade one son said last week. For a moment I felt a surprising sense of shock and panic. Had my seven-year old baby boy grown to be a phone-carrying young man already? And should I be giving him a phone ... More
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