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why assessing your own risk level is risky

Why assessing your own risk level can be risky business

Investing isn't easy, and it always involves a level of risk. Determining just how much risk you want to take with your investments is an important part of the process. Low-risk investments include asset classes such as bonds and cash, while higher-risk ... More
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sponsored why etfs should be the building blocks of your portfolio

Why ETFs should be the building blocks of your portfolio

If you had to pick just one company on the Australian share market that you're convinced will have a higher share price a year from now, which would it be? On the surface, it sounds like an easy challenge. After all, there are more than 2000 companies ... More
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the cost of playing it safe with your money

Why playing it safe with your money comes at a cost

Making a conservative choice is often seen as the safe choice, but not taking on risk when you're young could see you fall short of your retirement investment goals. "You have to start with education and information, and understand the long-term ... More
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With more than 80% of active fund managers failing to beat the index, Aussie investors are ditching risky stock picking in favour of a safer option: ETFs.

Why ETFs could be the answer to market volatility

COVID-19 led us to panic-buy at the supermarket and to panic-sell on the sharemarket. As uncertainty around this global pandemic continues, Australia's economy will remain turbulent. Watching and acting on daily sharemarket price movements can soon ... More
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