The power of Y: One family's journey to financial freedom


Young Australian families are living in a once in a generation period of change and uniquely positioned to take advantage of technology and readily available financial information to help them build their wealth. In the past, investing could be challenging and expensive, but today the growth of online platforms is allowing everyday Aussies to invest more easily and affordably, regardless of budget.

Luke and Alyce have worked hard to save for their future. After the events triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic they actively sought professional advice to help take control of their finances, build and protect their young family. Luke, a sales director for an Australian tech company, says the term that has resonated most for them is 'financial freedom', which includes thinking about superannuation and adequate insurance. For Alyce, an equally important consideration is saving enough to send their children to the best possible schools. In this video, Luke and Alyce share aspects of their financial journey, the thought process behind setting realistic goals, and importantly for them, self-accountability when it comes to their spending habits.

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