The power of Y: Money advice from a millennial lawyer


Australia's millennials are living in a once-in a-generation period of change and uniquely positioned to take advantage of technology to help them build their wealth. In the past, investing could be challenging and expensive with less access to broader markets, but today readily available financial information and the growth of online platforms allow everyday Australians to invest more easily and affordably, regardless of budget.

Aleks Nikolic is a successful corporate lawyer, passionate investor and advocate for breaking down traditional barriers of wealth inequality. Nikolic, who goes by the name Broke Girl Wealth on social media, also has a large following where she actively shares information and insights around financial literacy, and believes that the growth of financial technology is allowing younger people to set themselves up for the future and invest their money more responsibly. In this video, Aleks shares her wealth creation journey, views on superannuation, and the long term benefits of learning how to invest.

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