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early retirement

Early retirement documentary hits Aussie shores

Some label the FIRE movement a cult and some find it life-changing. US finance writer Suze Orman hates it, while FIRE bloggers and podcasters hide their identities so their bosses won't know. And now there is a powerful documentary about the Financial ... More
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struggling to save money blame brain

Struggling to save money? Blame your brain

When I was young, living on a farm in central NSW, my family had a faded green Valiant station wagon. Each Sunday on the way home from church, my siblings and I would sit in the boot of the car with the back window wound down as dad tore through the ... More
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what an rba rate cut would mean for you reserve bank

What a Reserve Bank cash rate cut would mean for you

The odds of the RBA cutting rates have shifted It doesn't seem that long ago that most economists were saying the next move in interest rates would be up. Given that the official cash rate is still at a historically low 1.5%, it was reasonable to assume ... More
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market wrap-up volatility

Market wrap: market volatility lowest since October

The big news this week was the Federal Budget along with the RBA meeting on interest rates . Both had the potential to affect our market, but so far neither is raising any alarm bells as the All Ordinaries Index has continued to rise. What went relatively ... More
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