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Risk dial

Strategies to avoid investment risk in retirement

In the investment world, performance and risk generally move in the same direction. Investors can boost performance by taking on more risk, but rarely can more performance be had without also upping the risk profile. Understanding this relationship ... More
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deposit for home

How to invest, earn and grow your home deposit

In 2017, Gal Margalit, 32, left Israel for Sydney to take up a business analyst role in the IT industry. She immediately started looking for a sensible way to invest her money in the hopes of buying a property. We spoke to Gal about how using RateSetter ... More
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Preparing for a relaxing retirement with P2P lending

Elaine O'Shannessy, a retired primary school and TAFE teacher, now lives in northeastern Victoria, where she runs a bed and breakfast with her husband and enjoys tending to her extensive garden. We spoke to Elaine about how using RateSetter helped ... More
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etps record month september

Record month as Australian investors flock to ETPs

The Australian Exchange Traded Products (ETP) market is on a tear, with record net inflows of $1.62bn recorded in September. It caps off a 12-month period that saw the ETP market balloon 33% to almost $60bn. Domestic equity ETPs made the greatest monthly ... More
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young women investors

How young Aussie women are overtaking male investors

Shares are gaining favour among young women, with research from Nabtrade showing that female gen-Zers hold 20% more assets than their male peers. Women are also more inclined to play the long game, making fewer trades than men despite holding larger ... More
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big four banks reporting season profit shares

Beware a tax bill on your royal commission compensation

Since the recent banking royal commission, there has been a spike in compensation payments paid to investors by financial institutions. But did you know that these payments could be taxable? The way tax law applies to such payments is complicated because ... More
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You don't need an SMSF to be in control of your super

If you have your retirement savings with a superannuation fund, to what extent should you tinker with the investments? Most funds allow you to choose your investments from a line-up of options. What's more, you are free to switch at any time. Funds ... More
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