Australia's top five careers for job growth next year


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The nation's unemployment rate has remained steady at 5.6%, but underemployment remains high, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

So which careers are likely to see the most job growth over the coming year?

Money asked recruitment experts Hays.

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Digital experts, in both marketing and IT

Digital experts, in particular, DevOps engineers and solutions architects with strong commercial experience in automation, continuous integration and cloud computing are in high demand.


It has been forecast that the infrastructure boom could last longer than the mining boom, with hundreds of projects around the country pushing up demand for engineering experts

Senior accountants

In professional practice the shortage of senior accountants has been an issue for several years and there's no sign of this abating as accountants continue to move into commerce.

In particular demand are senior tax and business services accountants, while demand is increasing for virtual CFOs (they provide a new revenue stream for firms while simultaneously providing greater value to a firm's clients).

Within commerce, senior accountants with financial reporting experience are in short supply.

Qualified financial planners

Senior level CFP qualified financial planners are in greatest demand but, again, the number of qualified candidates fails to meet demand.


Estimators are in high demand for residential projects, particularly in Sydney, Queensland and Victoria. The supply of this skill is simply not enough to keep up with current levels of demand.

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