What is a Centrelink income stream review?


I received a letter asking me to complete an income stream review. What do I need to do?

Income stream reviews are undertaken when a customer and/or their partner own an income stream product such as account-based pensions and market-linked pensions (also known as term allocated pensions).

They are reviewed each year in February and August.

income stream review

You only need to complete a review if you receive a letter from us asking you to do so.

The most convenient way to complete your review is through myGov.

If you haven't already signed up for myGov, this is a great opportunity to do so.

To complete your review on myGov, access your reminders through your Centrelink online account then select "review reminder".

If you cannot complete your review through myGov or you would like a nominee to do it for you, the review can also be done online using the unique one-time access code provided in your letter.

Simply visit to complete the review.

You will also need your customer reference number.


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