Listing gives investors access to corporate bonds


Here's a brief rundown of what's new around the traps.

Listing gives investors access to corporate bonds Seventeen exchange traded bonds have been launched on the ASX, giving investors exposure to the returns from individual corporate bonds issued by some of the top 50 listed companies. Known as XTBs, they are available for small amounts - often $500 minimums from online brokers - and pay a coupon rate and repay the principal at an agreed date. Corporate bonds are an investment normally restricted to wholesale and institutional investors.

The 17 XTBs are from the Australian Corporate Bond Company (ACBC) and cover bonds from, among others, BHP Billiton, Telstra and Woolworths. They pay coupons of 3.75% to 8.25%pa and have terms of between three and six years.

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"Until now individual investors have been heavily reliant on term deposits for predictable, stable returns," says Richard Murphy, CEO and co-founder of ACBC. "We saw a definite gap in the market and have identified a solution that can form part of the broader development of the corporate bond market."

Lil' frequent flyers High-flying tots are now able to enjoy the same privileges as their jetsetting parents: babies have their own frequent flyer club. Qantas has just launched the Joey Club, which gives kids as young as three the chance to earn royalties and access special menus and entertainment choices. Until December 31, it's free to join, a saving of $89.50.

Beware ransomware

It's time to update your anti-viral software, because a new breed of computer virus is out to rob you. Ransomware is becoming a massive global problem. It kidnaps your personal files and holds them to ransom for an online payment. If you become a victim, there's not much you can do: the virus encrypts your files and demands a bitcoin payment in return for the decryption keys. To protect yourself, online security company F-Secure suggests that you back up all of your important data to an external hard drive. If you become the target of a ransomware virus, you are encouraged to contact the police.


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