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App of the month: Carbo

Cost: $3.99 OS: iOS

If you're a classic pen and paper person, consolidating your notes can be a frustrating experience. Even in the digital age, many of us still use pen and paper each day, perhaps for sketching a blueprint or solving an equation - or because we've forgotten the laptop.

App of the month

The Carbo app allows you to convert your handwritten notes into digital files and collate them with existing files on Evernote. Hand-drawn diagrams and blueprints can be seamlessly inserted into a digital file just by taking a picture.

If anything, Cabo should encourage people to go back to writing their notes. According to research in Psychological Science, handwriting is more effective for studying than digital note-taking. A 2014 American study showed that students who brought pen and paper to lectures were more likely to construct their own notes, and as result turned out to be better academic performers.

Steph Nash, staff writer



Steph Nash was a staff writer at Money until 2017.
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