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The April issue of Money is on sale now. From how to save up to $17,000 a year by switching to a better deal to paying for IVF, here's what you can expect.

Switch to a better deal: we show you how to save up to $17k a year

With household budgets under pressure, now is the time to take a closer look at your costs. Switching providers or products could save you up to $17,000 in the first year. Our budget makeover sets out nine ways to put cash back in your pocket.

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How to boost your frequent flyer balance

How much do you actually need to spend to earn enough frequent flyer points to take off? We take a close look at how many frequent flyer points you can earn on credit cards, groceries, and other shopping, plus where to score bonus points, and five mistakes to avoid.

Why a class action isn't always worth it

Investors who have been ripped off on a grand scale can take their case to court, but class actions can come at a high emotional and financial cost. Three major class actions have emerged from the banking royal commission, with more to come. We reveal what to expect when you join a class action and how to navigate the lengthy process.

Fertility and finance: the cost of IVF

A growing number of Australian couples are struggling to cover the cost of IVF. With four IVF cycles costing up to $16,000 out of pocket, more couples are turning to personal loans or credit cards to cover the cost of fertility treatments. We reveal the real costs, including out of pocket expenses, and what to look out for when it comes time to borrow.

Renovate instead of relocate: budgeting for extensions

As house prices cool in many capital cities, some homeowners will opt to renovate rather than buy a bigger home. An addition to your home can boost its value and improve the family's lifestyle, but you need to plan carefully before the builders move in. We compare the cost of extending at the same level versus going up a level.

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