Ask Paul: Where can I find out if I'm eligible to claim the pension?


Dar Paul,

I would like to know who to approach about my retirement. I am in need of help to understand my financial assets and how to claim the pension.

I am 66, I have assets and super, and I'm working - not in any fancy job but I'm lucky to be a saver.

ask paul clitheroe am i eligible to claim the pension centrelink

I'm not sure where to go for information other than Centrelink, which sometimes is not the greatest place to ask for simple help. - Sue

Well, that gave me a laugh, Sue. I have a lot of sympathy for the Centrelink staff, they don't set the rules, they just try to apply them to people's income and assets, but the complexity is quite absurd.

You need to part lawyer/part rocket scientist to work it all out. "Simple" does not seem to meet any part of our retirement system!

I'd suggest you look at the MoneySmart website. It is a government site and I find it quite clear. The age pension calculators should really help you.

Once you have a better understanding of your likely entitlements, I'd suggest you book a time with Centrelink's Financial Information Service.

Getting through the automated phone system is never easy, but the trick here is to use the words "Financial Information Service" when you are asked how Centrelink can help. The phone number is 132 300.

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May 25, 2022 10.31am


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David Briese
May 30, 2022 9.07am

I pay $2,000 a year for my super I get only 3% and wonder if I can check if I'm on the right fund.