Best of the Best 2024: Best-Value Mobile Plan - High Usage


Moose has been named Money's Best-Value Mobile Plan - High Usage as part of the Best of the Best awards.

If you require a boost in your monthly mobile phone data allowance, the plans in this category, headed by our top-rated provider, Moose, offer a substantial increase.

Extra data will enable you to engage in activities such as web browsing, streaming more music and enjoying high-quality video content.

best of the best 2024 best value mobile plan high usage

Dean Lwin, the CEO of Moose Mobile, a subsidiary of ASX-listed Swoop and an Optus reseller, points out that the need for 40GB of mobile data often indicates use of services such as streaming and Facebook on your mobile device.

While this demand is commonly linked to a younger demographic, "it's not unusual for older individuals to have comparable requirements".

Lwin highlights that the data banking option is a significant customer drawcard. "If you find yourself not using all your data in a given month - and I do this - you can save it for later with this plan.

"For instance, during a vacation, when you lack access to your home internet, you can tap into the 100GB or 150GB you've banked for the period you're away, and you can revert to using 10GB or 15GB the following month," says Lwin.

"This plan is advantageous for numerous individuals because, over 12 months, most data users primarily depend on their home internet connection and Wi-Fi for their data consumption."

"When they are away from home, at work or on holiday, having access to a bank of data becomes an exceptional feature."

Customers should only be concerned about their usage when utilising the data bank feature if they find themselves frequently streaming high-definition videos or engaging in extended gaming sessions each day.

In such cases, Moose offers a $18 plan for 3GB of additional data.

"This option may still seem relatively costly, and that's primarily due to the pricing structure enforced by Optus. Unfortunately, we can't alter that aspect.

"However, what we can do is encourage customers to consider changing their plan or actively monitoring their data usage through the Moose app."

This plan also offers $200 worth of international call and text credit.

"We've found it necessary to revise our marketing strategy and adopt a somewhat more aggressive approach in terms of pricing," Lwin says.

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